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That's a compliment as much as it is a criticism: from the 1960s soul stomp of her number one hit 'Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)' to new single 'Boys & Girls' with its brassy Mark Ronson-esque production, some of the material here lacks character." Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music wrote, "Despite this fondness for swinging girl group sounds and Pixie's predilection for belting out the songs, Turn It Up doesn't play as a retro-soul throwback, the way Winehouse or Duffy do.

Following the Islamic conquests, Arab tribes came to Morocco and settled in the low regions, such as Tadla and Doukkala.

Today, most women are focused on their careers, not on becoming mothers and wives.

Gamertags can be changed using an Xbox One or Xbox 360 console (first time is free, then for a price of ), the Xbox 360 supports eight Xbox Live-enabled profiles per memory unit and thirty-two profiles on the hard drive.

If you look at the picture at night and walk across the room at the same time you will see the eyes follow you across the room. there is said to be a ghost of a student that attended Union College in the 1960's.

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Halloween is the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, often celebrated by children and adults .

In addition there are several themed areas of the expansive club, including an MGM Grand area, a Moulin Rouge area, and something that looks like a hollowed out rail car that doubles as a VIP level (it is elevated about 3 feet form the rest of the club to give it an air of “exclusivity”).