Kostenlose webcam

Other than this simple version check, it contains no other networking capabilities.

In order to determine what process(es) is/are using the webcam, Over Sight interfaces with Apple's 'camera daemon.' This requires elevated privileges.

Also if the user clicks, 'block' when a process is detected using the camera, Over Sight will terminate the process.

Again, this action (may) require elevated privileges.

To uninstall Over Sight, re-run (you can re-download it if needed).

Clicking the 'Uninstall' button will both stop and remove Over Sight from your Mac: Over Sight can also be uninstalled via the command-line.

This can be disabled via the 'Automatically check for updates' option in Over Sight's preferences pane.

While there is no direct way to determine what process is using the webcam or mic, Over Sight can almost always figure this via indirect means.

If it fails to identify any process (but can still detect that the webcam/mic was activated), Oversight will still generate a notification stating the device was activated.

However, this notification will not contain any process information, nor of course, the ability to 'allow'/'block' the process.

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