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(gig flyer) Blondie and the Ramones performing after the Woodo Nuns (sic). Ads in the Village Voice and So Ho Weekly News exist for this set of gigs that started on the 31st of Oct. Chris said that at one point, they played at CBGBs every weekend for seven months (date unknown, but it is probably this one). Mothers was at 267 West 23rd Street, on the north side of the street, just east of Eighth Avenue.

This date is indicated to be the first for Blondie and the Banzai Babies at CBGB (source: George Gimarc, "Punk Diary") but there is no other supporting evidence. In Tony Fletcher's book "All Hopped Up and Ready to Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77" this was Clem Burke's first gig. In "Making Tracks", Debbie describes the event: "We rehearsed with Clem and Fred for a couple of weeks, then went out and did our first show as Blondie at CGBG's. (gig flyer) Possible concert sent by a fan, who wrote, "but I got the dates from a book at Chris Steins photo exhibition in London a couple of years ago.

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(ad listing) First Angel and the Snake gig at CBGB (source: George Gimarc, "Punk Diary") with the Ramones. Note: it is NOT "Angel and the Snakes" -- this is this is a perpetuating error in many publications documenting this period in Blondie history.

On 29-Sept-2014, in answer to Michelle Shinn's question about the band name, Chris said that they got the idea from a photograph in Esquire, "The girl in the picture looked vaguely like Debbie, had cheekbones.", and that served as the inspiration for the illustration and band name.

The 1974-75 Manhattan telephone directory at the New York Public Library has an entry with the correct spelling, showing the complete, accurate legal name of the establishment at that time.

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An ad in the So Ho Weekly News (Vol.2 #15 pg.27) exists with them billed simply as Blondie. This was our jungle night show, with me, Tish, and Snooky dressed as jungle girls in leather skins tied with thongs and accented by bits of fur. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. The book was about a NY band from the mid 70s but I can't remember their name or the book." [*new*] Danny Fields writes about the revival of Jackie Curtis' play "Vain Victory "in his column on pg 44 of So Ho Weekly News Vol 3 No.

Chris' statement is supported by John Holstrom, who wrote in his book "The Best of Punk Magazine" pg 177 (2012), "Blondie were the only band from the CBGB scene who also hung out at Studio 54; they played benefits for the Gay Liberation Movement, served as the CBGB house band, and were friendly with all the disparate elements of the 1970's rock scene." (ad listing) [*new*] Blondie and the Banzai Babies opening for Harlem Drive. In between sets, Fred freaked Chris out by telling him he was going to replace Richard Hell in Television over the weekend." The band performed two sets. 11 that "Blondie's band provided the spirited accompaniment and everyone was in top form." This is one of the first positive reports about the band.

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